PayPal eclipsed the online market place by essentially acting as an online bank account. You can purchase just about anything from the internet with a PayPal account.

However, not everybody has enough money saved up to go on online shopping sprees.

If you find yourself in this situation, our PayPal hack was made just for you.

Whether you are looking to buy essential items for your family or a gift for yourself, the opportunities are endless with free PayPal money.

All the wasted time you spent looking for free PayPal cash has come to an end.

GameMaster has the only working PayPal hack as of 2017, and we are happy to share it with you.

Why are you giving away free PayPal cash?

A lot of people who visit GameMaster are teenagers without a lot of disposable income. This means they cannot afford to purchase games, clothes, toys, and so forth.

I was in the same situation when I was younger. My parents and I lived paycheck to paycheck and any money I earned was directly given to living expenses.

I decided to focus on my studies and made a goal for myself to give back to others when I was older.

After years of hard work, I became a software engineer at one of the largest technology companies in the world.

The promise I made to myself many years earlier was still in my mind, and I searched endlessly for ways to provide free products and services for others.

Just recently, I finally stumbled upon legitimate ways to breach large companies. For PayPal, I discovered a way to send free PayPal money to any account without detection.

I am giving away my PayPal hack for free because I make more than enough money to support myself and truly enjoy helping others.

GameMaster is a nonprofit website. We only care about fulfilling as many dreams as possible.



PayPal Hack

The PayPal generator is incredibly easy to use, and you will receive your free PayPal cash instantly.

First, you’re going to want to click the link which takes you to the PayPal generator.

Simply enter your PayPal email address and select the amount of free PayPal money you want.

Next, select ‘Generate”.

While the generator processes your request and verifies your account, we ask you to complete a short survey.

The survey acts as a human verification test and prevents bots from overflowing the PayPal hack.

Without a quick survey, bots crash the generator preventing real individuals from receiving anything.

The free PayPal money hack immediately delivers the cash into your account upon completion of the survey.

There are no strings attached. No downloads, gimmicks, or scams. We genuinely seek to improve the gaming and online community by spreading a little bit a wealth.


“Lucas you should change your name to Santa Clause! I have never met anybody as generous as you, and all my friends and family say thank you. Your PayPal money hack is incredible and I am so grateful for what you’ve done.”  – Milton

This website has been able to help thousands of visitors just like Milton! I get so excited when I receive emails from people saying how much they appreciate the PayPal generator.

Although you may seem skeptical about receiving free PayPal money, I assure you that most people do. However, upon actually trying the PayPal hack, people are completely dumbfounded when they check their updated PayPal balance.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Please send me an email if the free PayPal money generator does not work for you. I would be happy to personally send money to your account.

PayPal Hack Features

Instant Free PayPal Money: Upon passing a human verification test, your account is immediately credited with the amount you selected. You are allowed to use the PayPal hack as money times as you wish.

Account Safety: The generator’s secure encryption tool allows for complete anonymity. PayPal recognizes the transaction just like any regular legitimate transaction. Your account it 100% safe and secure.

Global Accessibility: Whether you are located in Djibouti, Africa or Moscow, Russia does not matter. You can receive free PayPal cash from wherever you are.

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